Les 40èmes Rugissants...? (The Roaring 40ies...?)

It is not a race but a Mountain Rally, The First Mountain Rally, of approximately 950km (ideally expected to be completed) built around 4 Regions across 3 countries, Switzerland, France and Italy. The teams are composed of 3 bikers each. Each team will be offered 60 mountain passes (15 per Region) and will have to choose 40 passes (10 per Region) which they shall ride in the most direct, the most fluid line from departure to arrival… with the less possible kilometers.

The Rally will depart from Geneva (Harley Davidson Geneva). The place of arrival will be disclosed at the occasion of the press conference on the 21st June 2019.

The teams will cross 4 Regions. There will be 3 pit stops at the arrival of each Region 1, 2 and 3. The location of the pit stops will be disclosed at the occasion of the press conference on the 21st June 2019.

Three new conditions for the 2019 2nd me Edition :

  1.  The number of participating teams is limited to 30 ;
  2. For security reasons, each biker should have riden 3’000km in 2019 before the departure of the 40èmes Rugissants – The First Mountain Rally ;
  3. Each team will be authorised to stay 60 minutes only at the occasion of their pit stops.


10th and 11th August 2019.

Departure of the teams: Saturday, 10 August 2019 between 9 and 11 a.m.; arrival of the teams: Sunday, 6 August 2017, between 9 and 11 a.m. (a maximum of 24 hours).

Deadline for subscription: 10 July 2019.

Registration is made on the website https://www.40emesrugissants.ch or via Facebook.

The Organizer reserves the right to neutralise a team or the Rallye under certain circumstances (wheather, accident, etc.). The duration of the neutralization will be added to the 24 hours duration of the Rally.

Place of departure / arrival ?

The places of departure is at the Harley Davidson Geneva Dealer, 4, route des Jeunes (new location) – 46.19562, 6.12734 ou 46°11′44.241′′N 6°07′38.429′′E.

The place of arrrival will be disclosed at the occasion of the press conference on the 21st of June 2019.

How will the time of departure of my team be chosen ?

The starting time for each team will be drawn on 20 July 2017. The draw will be broadcasted live on Facebook.

The teams will depart one after the other according to the classic mode of a rally start, from 9 to 11 a.m. The teams must present themselves on the Starting Area, to the order of the Starter, 3 minutes before their effective departure time (draw).

What happens if my team is late ?

If a team is late in presenting itself to the Technical Table (“Table Technique” – where the team must be 60 minutes before its effective departure time), or on the Starting Area where the team must be 3 minutes before its drawn departure time), its departure will be postponed until after the last team leaves, i.e. after 11 a.m.

If a team reaches a pit stop (village-étape) more than 7 hours after its departure from the previous pit stop, it is disqualified.

Why a 3 bikers team?

For security reasons ! Anyone who freerides in the mountains, either on skis or on a bike, should never be left alone.


Who can participate?

Any biker who feels fit and sufficiently experienced to embark on the adventure. Driver’s license, insurance, etc. are mandatory (see Regulations – https://www.40emesrugissants.ch).

No membership to any club is required.

Can I be accompanied by a passenger ?

Yes. But a passenger cannot take the place of a pilot. The passenger is not considered as a participant to the event and is hence under the exclusive responsibility of the pilot he/she is riding with.

No other person is authorised to accompany a biker or a team (by car or by bike, etc.).

Do I need a Harley Davidson to participate ?

Yes. Only a Harley Davidson can participate. This is not about commercial attachment to a brand or a matter of sectarianism… We know by experience how our Harleys work. We know how they can behave over a 24-hour period and on a long journey. This is not the case for other brands of motorcycles which we are less informed of. This is why it was decided that this 1st edition would consider only Harley Davidsons.

The organization may authorize another type of bike, depending on its similarity (engine) with a Harley Davidson.

Registration fees ?

CHF 50.- per person, or CHF 150.- per team, to be paid on the account of the organization.

How to register?

The team leader manages the registration process on the Rally’s website (www.40èmesrugissants.ch) or via the Facebook page. He completes the ad hoc form for himself and for the other two members of the team.

On Internet: click on INSCRIVEZ-VOUS and fill in the appropriate form.
On the Facebook page: click on INSCRPTIONS, which will send you to the event’s website, and

fill in the ad hoc form.

Do I receive a confirmation of my registration ?

Yes, an automatic message (no-reply) will be sent to confirm the registration. The registration will be completed upon receipt of the full payment.

Meals ?

At each pit stop (village-étape) the participants will be offered tea, soup and bred as well as Red Bull cans.

At each pit stop, a restaurant will be open for the participants to buy food and beverages.

Upon arrival on August 11, a lunch will be offered to the participants (“lunch” and “drink” tickets will be given to the participants – all others will be asked to pay for the meal and drinks).

Gas station ?

The team is solely responsible for its gas refueling. It must organize itself accordingly.

What happens if one of the participants cannot continue ?

If one of the bikers is prevented from continuing (mechanic failure, excessive fatigue, health

problem, etc.), the two other bikers are allowed to continue.
If one of the two remaining bikers are prevented from continuing, the team is disqualified.

The presence of 3 bikers at the departure is compulsory. The replacement of a biker, before the start, is possible only with the agreement of the organization.

Is this a motorcycle competition ?

No ! Naye ! Nein ! This is a mountain rally, The First Mountain Rally©, i.e. a bike freeride in the Swiss Alps which lasts 24 hours.

Every participant will be declared a winner when s/he will have crossed 40 passes in 24 hours. However, there will be better winners: those who will have crossed the 40 passes with the least kilometers.

So, you better choose the right valley, the right pass with the right timing… and not ride with your nose to the grindstone… Feel the wave !

Hotel ?

Upon request, the organization will put in contact with local hotels at depart or arrival.

Use of GPS, Garmin, etc. ?

Allowed! Any navigational software (GPS, Garmin, etc.), any paper map or electronic map, etc. are allowed. Each team can use its own means of navigation, identical to those used when preparing a bike ride.

How does the tracking work?

Each team receives a Tracker (the size of a pack of cigarettes) to carry and keep on the “ON” position throughout the Rally.

This Tracker emits every 30/60 seconds the position of the team. The tracking software records the itinerary of the team as well as its passage on the passes of its choice.

The tracking software is the only reference accepted by the organizer to confirm the route of the team and the effective crossing of the passes chosen by the team.

The loss or damage to this Tracker leads to disqualification. Any related costs shall be borne by the team concerned.

When do I receive the maps ?

The first map for the 1st Region is handed over to the team concerned by the Technical Table in the Starting Area, 60 minutes before the depart time of the team. (Be careful not to be late to receive this map; otherwise, the departure will be postponed until after 11 a.m. – example given, the team leaving at 9.15 a.m. has to arrive at the Technical Table no later than 8.15a.m.).

The maps for the following Regions (Regions 2, 3 and 4) are handed over to the team by the Technical Table at the arrival of each pit stop (village-étape), once the Technical Table has checked that the team concerned has actually ridden 10 passes during the previous stage.

Swisstransplant ?

By organizing this event, we want to make the bikers community aware of the issue at stake for the Swisstransplant Foundation, particularly the importance of this ultimate decision to donate his organs, thus saving one or more lives. Swisstransplant will be present throughout the event. We invite you to contact them and fill out a donor card!

All our profits will go to the Swisstransplant Foundation (www.swisstransplant.org)

What is a compulsory pass ?

15 mountain passes are proposed to each team at the departure of each Region. In each Region, the organization makes compulsory/obligatory that each team passes 1 and up to 3 mountain passes. These passes appear in red on the maps.

The team will have to stop if a member of the Organisation is on the compulsory pass and asked them to stop.

It is while crossing these passes that the teams can be counted, photographed, etc. It is on these passes that the sponsors and / or accompanying persons will be able to place themselves to see the teams passing.

What about the road signs which indicate that you are passing a mountain pass ?

These road signs with the name of the mountain pass do not have to be searched for by the teams. The tracking system embarked by each team records the passage on the passes. All the team needs to do is to go past the point indicated on the map which has been indicatedby the organization as being “the” mountain pass .

Weather forecast ?

Each team is responsible for its weather information. It must be equipped accordingly.

Anything else ?

-> Be prudent. Respect the regulations and road signs in all circumstances.

-> Take the time to best prepare your itinerary: the right valley, the right pass, at the right moment…

-> Be cool … feel the wave!

Any other questions ?

Sent an email to contact@40emesrugissants.ch

The organization expressly reserves the right to modify the present FAQ

The French text prevails.

Les 40èmes Rugissants – The First Mountain Rally©